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GSP54600300 DC54.6V3A power charger

  • 1. Scope
    This document contains general customer requirements, qualification, requirement and those specific electrical and mechanical requirements for this part.

    2. Application
    The unit with a direct AC inlet, an output DC plugs and provides DC power only to the Customer product.

    3. Electrical Specification
    3-1 AC input Characteristics

    Items Specification
    3-1-1 AC input voltage range 100 ~ 240Vac
    3-1-2 AC input frequency 50 to 60Hz
    3-1-3 Input current 3.5A Max at Maximum power
    3-1-4 Input inrush current 60A Max at full load and 115Vac/60Hz
    3-1-5 Standby power AC input power Pin shall be less then 0.15W at no load and 115/230Vac, 50/60Hz condition.


    3-2 DC Output Characteristics

    Items Specification
    3-2-1 Output voltage 54.6V MAX
    3-2-2 Output current 3A ±10% (FULL LOAD)
    3-2-3 Total Regulation 51.3~54.6V The output voltage shall be statically regulated for all combinations of load, line and environment including cross regulation
    3-2-4 Ripple and noise 300mVp-p maximum
      *Parallel with 0.1Uf ceramic capacitor and 10uF aluminum capacitor between the Vbus and GND of USB connect
    *Oscilloscope set at 20MHZ of frequency bandwidth



AC input voltage range:100 ~ 240Vac
AC input frequency:50 to 60Hz
Input current:3.5A Max at Maximum power